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your daily cramp: A Daily Cervix

Good evening…ladies…

Noticing that my site stats were down to half a view a day and that I haven’t posted since December, I decided it’s time to talk about periods. Just before dinner, of course.

Whether you’ve seen one or not, a cervix is not something most of us attribute the word “beautiful” to or that we ever think about (I don’t think my best friend even knew she had one). So on a quest to empower and educate women on the internet, the Beautiful Cervix project was created. Anonymous participants (could be you!) have photographed their cervixes (cervices?) once at day at the same time throughout their cycles to give the curious, confused, and ignorant a deeper look. Many women seem to have found that the pictures cleared up a lot of questions about their cycles. Vaginal discharges, colors, and textures are just not typical conversation starters.

I’m posting the link to the photo reel of the “25-year-old who has never given birth.” See also, cervixes of the post-menopausal, vaginally-birthed, pregnant, and recently hysterectomy-ed. When viewing the montage below, note that the square shape comes from the plastic speculum that’s holding the vagina open north to south.

Viewer discretion advised, per usual: Beautiful Cervix Project -Age 25 – Entire Cycle »

As I scrolled, stared, and grimaced,  I couldn’t stop wondering how the hell that tiny donut hole melts away to admit a seven or eight pound human baby into the world. Incredible. That little cervix has to be strong enough to hold up a developing fetus and expanding uterus for nine months, but flexible enough to fully efface, or open, during birth. Contractions during labor push about thirty pounds of pressure on Sir Vix to open up.

The Beautiful Cervix Project is here to remind women that every cycle, every cervix is unique– so unique that you have the question the word “normal.” Find the beauty, or else remember to clear your web history to save an innocent eye from hysteria.


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